Offering financial/credit choice to the Underbanked and Non-Prime using Data and Technology

We use years of experience in our proven risk management, along with extensive big data analytics and machine learning techniques:

How we do it

TekFriday has developed a globally unique technology for scoring across the credit spectrum including Prime, Near-Prime, Sub-Prime, Thin-File and No-File Customers. Our USPs are the enablers for becoming the “Service for the under served”. Our unique technology aims to provide a friendly and fast service for the consumer. For this, we have developed a proprietary credit scoring technology which uses pattern recognition and machine learning to process up to 5,000 data points per application. It allows us to score a customer within seconds and determine credit risk with higher precision. The technology hence enables us to serve credit to customers across all channels and segments. It includes the underbanked, and sub prime consumers who are usually rejected or badly served by traditional banks and financial institutions.